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16 November 2018

How can you build your online presence?

By Rob Salaman

Choosing between a custom website or a template can be a hard decision. It's basically choosing between quality and cost. Which can be a difficult decision.

Going custom

The advantages of a custom website design are - simply - you get a much faster, better-looking, fully optimised, user friendly and all round better package than when using a template.

  • You can choose how the design looks

  • You can specify certain funtionality

  • You have complete control of the look

  • It's more likely to be better optimised

  • There are no nasty glitches (or they can be easily fixed)

But it's a lot more expensive...


Templates might not be quite as good, but hey, not everybody wants to spend a fortune on a website.

You can still get a lot out of a template, as long as you utilise it properly and make sure you get the basics right.

  • Post frequently

  • Keep your information fresh

  • Make sure you optimise all images before uploading them to your media centre

  • Be as active as you can on supporting media, ie Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


It really comes down to what is right for your business; if you haven't got the budget yet to spend on a fancy custom website, as long as you utilise all the areas mentioned above, you will soon be able to.

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