Kevin Salaman

Kev's web design journey

I started when I was at a company called Roundpoint, Cambridge. Roundpoint was an early dot com business that invented a web browser that worked on all devices when we still had mobile phones with small (if any) display at all. Technically, it was an early day responsive design. When the dot com bubble burst Roundpoint was in danger of disappearing so had to reinvent itself with fewer resources & focused on putting news & games content onto these devices, selling by description.

The first webpage I built was hostd on the daily telegraph website & advertised that you could get their crossword every day on your hand held Palm Pilot, HP Compaq or Sony Clie device.

Writing that page, with some excellent support from mosre experienced Roundpoint colleagues, got me hooked. From there I created pages for our local colts football team & my golf society among others; that was the start of Webspinning.

About Kev

When I am not working I enjoy time with my family, watching Chelsea Football Club & playing golf.

Kevin Salaman